"Your Design Here" custom logo wax seal in gold
Custom logo design examples
Custom logo wax seal brass stamp head
Custom logo gold wax seal for Olive Paperie Co.
Wax seal stamps with black and wooden handles

Custom Logo Wax Stamp

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We can custom-make wax seal stamps with your design - whether it's your wedding monogram, business logo, or initials!

File requirements
• Format - AI file (.ai) or high resolution PDF (.pdf)
Black logo on white/clear background (parts in black will be engraved onto the brass stamp)
• Please make sure to include a RED dieline, which should be the same as the stamp shape you select (the dieline represents the border of the stamp and is not part of the design)
• Strokes with a minimum width of 0.5pt 
• Letters with a minimum height of 7pt

Process & Timeline 
Once your order is placed, it will take 5-7 working days for the stamp to be ready to ship.
If the design you uploaded does not meet our requirements, we will get in touch via email to work with you on getting it finalized for engraving. This will add to the processing time stated above. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us

Premium brass stamp head & wooden handle 

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How to use a wax stamp
1. Melt your sealing wax sticks with a low temperature glue gun or wax beads with a melting spoon and candle
2. Dispense/pour wax onto the project surface 
3. Steadily press stamp into sealing wax
4. Remove stamp 
5. Let the wax seal cool for at least 10 seconds